Used Tires

used tiresWhy Buy Used Tires?

  • If you are on a Lease car and your lease is about to end, used tires are a great way to save money and ensure the standards on your lease agreement are met.
  • If you have an unexpected blow-out and are in need of a tire but would rather pay less or match the tread wear of your other 3 tires.
  • If you have plans on selling your car to a dealer or a friend.
  • If you simply want to wait to get the new set of tires later on in the year

Save Money with Professional Tire Installation

Talk to our friendly staff about how we can save you money through better fuel economy and longer tire life, while also improving the safety and ride comfort of your car.

Tires are not as simple as they might first seem!

  • Radial tires typically contain a steel belt, how flexible is this belt and why is flexibility important?
  • Tires are measured by their ability to carry load and travel at speed. Why is this important? Does your car have specifications on these measurements for tires?
  • If you are fitting different tires to the back or front axle, will your vehicle tend to over-steer or under-steer? What is under or over-steer? Should a vehicle tend towards one or the other?
  • How can you judge a tire’s tendency to be noisy?
  • How can you judge a tire’s tendency to brake well on wet roads?
  • Does wheel alignment affect tire performance?
  • What effect does a tire have on gas use?
  • What is wheel balancing and why is it important?

Used TiresWe have special prices for all containers, call us today!

We have all types of used tires on wheels 13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20-21-22
We export containers of 20, 40, 45, 53 feet to all Central America and the Caribbean.


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Used Tires

Used Tires